I am Gabrielle DeRosa and my main job is being a professional independent singer-songwriter and producer, content creator

This free workshop focuses on three main levels. After watching my video you will know everything you need to know in order to work as a singer-songwriter. 

If you like this free course and you find it useful, at the bottom of this page you can find tickets to my livestream workshops where you can ask questions or a link to my 1:1  coaching services to build your release strategy.

How To Start
Release Strategy
Making Money

Gabrielle DeRosa
Singer-Songwriters Free Workshop

My videos for this free workshop were uploaded on YouTube as "Unlisted", it means they are only visible for you.
Take notes about everything you need to remember and feel free to come back whenever you need to!

Plan of Action (2022-09-28 Update).pdf
  • Step 1 | Become a professional singer-songwriter
  • Step 2 | Educate yourself about your creative rights
  • Step 3 | We record our songs professionally
Click here for the same recording tools I use (audio, video)
Plan of Action (2022-09-28 Update).pdf
  • Step 1 | Educate yourself about the music industry 
  • Step 2 | Start choosing "with whom & how" you work
  • Step 3 | Working with a music distributor
  • Step 4 | How to start releasing your music
  • Step 5 | Why you need a release strategy
Plan of Action (2022-09-28 Update).pdf
  • Step 1 | How you can earn better on YouTube
  • Step 2 | How to legally earn money with your songs
  • Step 3 | Your budget-investments-earnings strategy
I can help you to build your release strategy and professionally promote your music to min 2000 people from my audience: scroll down to learn more about it.

Gabrielle De Rosa | Digital Creator (videos, content, page), Singer-Songwriter Expert

Elvira Martinez | Personal Manager (organisation), Marketing Expert

©2022 Gabrielle De Rosa

--- Important News:
  • My free workshop for beginner singer-songwriters will continue to be available.
  • Sponsorship prices will change overtime, as my audience increases.
  • The coaching opportunity is limited. 

Since coaching is not my vocation but I still wanted to help, I decided to give the opportunity only to the people who believe in me in the beginning of my career. Whether there were clients or not, on June 1st, 2022 the gig will be permanently deleted.



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