GDR Media & Advertising

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Online Advertising

  • Organic YouTube Growth via YouTube ads, Social Shares: results based, no fake bots, no fake subscribers, no scams, I experimented the strategy myself on my own YouTube channel (Gabrielle DeRosa) with the help of a marketing team of experts. Thanks to our collaboration you  can get one of the best prices on the market in different packages. We work with different niches, especially media & entertainment, tech, environmental science or fashion and style (these are the fields I work with and the strategy was created for this)
  • Professional Music Video Promotion: for your channel or for a collaboration on my channel (verify my results here
  • Music Reviews / Interviews Promotion 
  • Sponsorship (scroll down to contact my manager correctly)

Creative Services

  • Digital Content Creation: RAW photos, up to 4K video, graphic design, web design
  • Concert (Concerto) or live performance with my songs: streaming (di persona in Puglia). Voice and guitar (le mie canzoni, spettacolo da cantautrice solista con voce e chitarra o con 2-3 musicisti). 
  • Professional audio recording and/or voiceover: English (advanced), Italiano (madrelingua).

Contact me first at or directly talk with my manager

Online Tutoring / Consultations

  • English as a foreign language (advanced) I worked with Italian, Spanish and Chinese students, both with a corporate job and as a freelancer, ages 6-40, levels starters-B2.
  • Italiano (my native language)
  • Free workshop for singer-songwriters on my website + services you need and Skillshare course (with a 30 days free trial)
IT: per i clienti italiani:  inglese e scienze per scuole medie, chimica per scuole superiori (laureata in scienze e tecnologie per l'ambiente)

Style Consultations:
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Starting at $2, 

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This is the YouTube Certified tool that everyone is always using to grow a YouTube channel in the correct way. There is a free version, and then you can upgrade your package. This service is connected to my personal affiliate link: it means that I will earn a small commission from TubeBuddy if you decide to try it too. After you do that, you could promote it to your audience and clients who need it and generate passive income like I am doing now.

If you want to try it, this is my honest review:

Pros: it is official, YouTube certified and affordable, they always create amazing offers to support small channels (under 1000 subscribers) and also bigger ones. I remember that after going Pro for about 1-2 months I stopped using it because I didn't need it at the moment, and when I came back, there were many free opportunities. Thanks to these gifts by TubeBuddy I was able to use upgrade to Legend and attend a $99 course made by YouTube experts... but it was all free, 100% free. I learnt everything I know about SEO and YouTube content creation thanks to TubeBuddy, from photography to promotion and marketing, both with the Pro and the gifted Legend subscriptions.

Cons: the free version is very limited, but it still works.

All my freelance services to advertise your products

Starting at €10

  • Modeling
  • Interviews, reviews
  • Music Video Sponsorship
  • min 2000 people from my audience (premium)
High quality HD photos in RAW files or a video in 720p HD or 1080p Full HD with professionally recorded audio where I wear or show your product(s): only for* entertainment, clothes, cats, perfumes and jewellery. Promotion on Instagram or YouTube (photo/video).

Keep in mind that I can only work within Fiverr and only with brands, small businesses, professional artists and content creators.
Fiverr acts as a mediator, it allows both parts to report problems and request refunds so you can protect yourself from scams and I can protect myself from frauds and inappropriate behaviour.

Advertising and showing your products and your projects is professional and necessary for many creators and brands. I didn't have enough money to invest and I did not want to rely on someone else... so, I chose a second job that I like, with a stable income and a flexible schedule, as a part-time enjoyable job. I was selected, now I am my own investor, and now I can help you too: I can send your application and tell them about you, keep reading -->

Work with Gabrielle DeRosa


I started to invest in my career as a professional singer-songwriter and digital creator with different part time jobs. I used this space on my website to select other people who needed a part time job with a flexible schedule, just like me.  Unfortunately, I had to end the professional collaboration with that company, because of external causes that did not depend on us. That day, while I was updating my website, I decided to offer a job opportunity to work with me. This application form was born from the desire to continue to help other people earn more money, when it is possible, of course. I will never be able to hire everyone, but if I can help at least some of you, I will be happy to do it. In the form you will find a variety of skills that I usually need in potential collaborators. I constantly update it according to my projects.

Good luck!
Gabrielle DeRosa


Singer-Songwriters Workshop


  • How To Start
  • Release Strategy
  • Make Money
In this free workshop you will discover all you need to do in order to become a professional singer-songwriter. You will also have access to a list of trustworthy and professional services you may need and you will learn how to avoid scams. You will understand how the music industry works in general so that you can educate yourself before choosing!

Coaching* / Tuoring*

Starting at €9.31

  • English
  • Singer-Songwriters
  • Premium (all+promo)
*limited offer.
In this Fiverr gig I will create a strategy based on your needs, budget and goals as 1:1 written coaching. Build your release strategy (singer-songwriters, original music artists) or your social media strategy (content creators, all niches, only* for Instagram and YouTube).  Multiple packages with different sizes of the audience and different types of reach are available so that there is an affordable solution for everyone.

If you have in mind a specific kind of professional collaboration, please, contact my manager. 

*Remember to include

  • your full name (first name, last name);
  • your time zone and your contact, so that we can easily keep in touch;
  • specific information about your needs and your budget

We will automatically reject and consider as non-professional every email that does not contain the requested information. You can send your professional* application at: 

I read all emails personally before passing the projects to my manager for organisation.

Click the button below if you prefer a 1:1 meeting. It will last max 15 minutes.

This page contains affiliate links from Fiverr, it means that if you click on Fiverr and you buy something, my manager and I will get a small commission from Fiverr (you don't have to pay for it). 

A passive income work from home opportunity

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