GDR Media & Advertising

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  • YouTube Promotion
  • Music Promotion
  • Brand Promotion
  • Sponsorships
  • Content Creator Campaign
  • Influencer Promotion

Keep in mind that I can only work within Fiverr and only with brands, small businesses, professional artists and content creators.
I offer the services listed above thanks to  my collaboration with selected experts I work with on a daily basis with private agreements, mutual trust and transparency. I founded my team personally, selecting, member by member and agreement by agreement: it was complete and fully functioning after my first five years of hard work experience.
Fiverr acts as a mediator, it allows both parts to report problems and request refunds so you can protect yourself from scams and I can protect myself from frauds and inappropriate behaviour.

Creative Services

Email me your request & budget.

  • Digital Content Creation: RAW photos, up to 4K video, graphic design, web design.
  • Concert (Concerto) or live performance with my songs: streaming (di persona in Puglia). Voice and guitar (le mie canzoni, spettacolo da cantautrice solista con voce e chitarra o con 2-3 musicisti).
  • Professional audio recording and/or voiceover: English (advanced), Italiano (madrelingua).

I will automatically reject and consider as non-professional every email that does not contain the requested information:

  • your full name (first name, last name);
  • your time zone and your contact, so that we can easily keep in touch;
  • specific information about your needs and your budget.


Singer-Songwriters Workshop


  • How To Start
  • Release Strategy
  • Make Money
In this free workshop you will discover all you need to do in order to become a professional singer-songwriter. You will also have access to a list of trustworthy and professional services you may need and you will learn how to avoid scams. You will understand how the music industry works in general so that you can educate yourself before choosing!
This page contains affiliate links from Fiverr, it means that if you click on Fiverr and you buy something, my manager and I will get a small commission from Fiverr (you don't have to pay for it). 

A passive income work from home opportunity

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