About Me & My Partners.

In order to work professionally, I also have to keep long-term collaborations with trusted freelance workers, societies and companies to protect my creative rights, release my music professionally, promote my content, book gigs and sell my artistic or scientific projects to my audience. The professional roles and relationships in this page are about my long-term collaborations.

Gabrielle DeRosa

Pro. Ind. Singer-Songwriter, Creator, Dr.ssa  in Environmental Science and Technology from Gallipoli, Italy


Singing, writing, composing, recording and producing my songs, playing live or streaming and participating to social events, interviews, shows + entertaining, informing and growing my audience; administrating and editing my website and social media sites + creating and/or collaborating in scientific projects to protect the environment.

ENFJ, leader, 1998. I have many passions and I use them to create more unity in the world.

My Team

I founded my team personally, selecting, member by member and agreement by agreement: the basic formation of it was complete and fully functioning in 2022, after five years of trials, especially for mix & mastering and promotion.

Personal Manager from Spain

  • Booking and/or managing Gabrielle DeRosa’s artistic digital/physical events and deals related to creative services as a singer-songwriter and creator.
  • Professional Email: elviramartinez@gabriellederosa.it

YouTube Promoter from Pakistan

Consistent organic promotion of YouTube videos over social media during a promotional campaign or social media strategy.


Mix and Mastering Engineer from Matino, Italy

Technical expertise and final adjustments to recorded music before it is professionally released.

Music Video Promoter from India

Consistent organic promotion of  music videos over social media during a promotional campaign or social media strategy.

P.R.O. , Music Distributor, POD Company


Italian Society of Authors and Editors

Italian Association of Authors and Editors: protection of creative rights, collection of revenue from the administration of publishing rights on an international level, support and educational resources for Italian workers of the creative industry.

CD Baby

Digital Music Distributor

They take care of music distribution on streaming/download platforms, worldwide publishing rights administration, monetisation of music use on social video platforms, sync licensing, music marketing, online advertising, support and educational resources for independent artists.


POD, e-commerce

Social commerce platform, sale of customisable products printed on demand, sale of digital items.