About Me & My Partners.

In order to work professionally, I have to collaborate with trusted freelance workers, societies and companies on a long-term basis to protect my creative rights, release my music professionally, promote my content, book gigs and sell my artistic or scientific projects to my audience.

Gabrielle DeRosa

Pro. Ind. Singer-Songwriter, Creator, Dr.ssa  in Environmental Science and Technology from Gallipoli, Italy


Singing, writing, composing, recording and producing my songs, playing live or streaming and participating to social events, interviews, shows + entertaining, informing and growing my audience; administrating and editing my website and social media sites + creating and/or collaborating in scientific projects to protect the environment.

ENFJ, leader, 1998. I have many passions and I use them to create more unity in the world.

My Team


Personal Manager and Assistant from Spain

  • Booking and/or managing Gabrielle DeRosa’s artistic digital/physical events and deals related to creative services as a singer-songwriter and creator.
  • Daily assistance tasks.
Professional Email: elviramartinez@gabriellederosa.it

Mix and Mastering Engineer from Matino, Italy

Technical expertise and final adjustments to recorded music before it is professionally released.

Music Video Promoter from India

Consistent organic promotion of  music videos over social media during a promotional campaign or social media strategy.


YouTube Promoter from Pakistan

Consistent organic promotion of YouTube videos over social media during a promotional campaign or social media strategy.

P.R.O. , Music Distributor, POD Company


Italian Society of Authors and Editors

Italian Association of Authors and Editors: protection of creative rights, collection of revenue from the administration of publishing rights on an international level, support and educational resources for Italian workers of the creative industry.

CD Baby

Digital Music Distributor

They take care of music distribution on streaming/download platforms, worldwide publishing rights administration, monetisation of music use on social video platforms, sync licensing, music marketing, online advertising, support and educational resources for independent artists.


POD, e-commerce

Social commerce platform, sale of customisable products printed on demand, sale of digital items.


The Stories...

...about my team and partners


We're both from Salento, Italy and we've been working together perfectly since 2017! I was planning to release my first album when we were introduced to each other by a rapper called GioD, our colleague and mutual friend. I was in JS's Better Days Studio to record a chorus, he liked my voice and he asked me to sing some of my songs. He offered me to produce a musical RnB project. I refused and offered him to record and curate the mix and mastering of my debut Country-Pop/Indie album "We Believe", all acoustic, with a support band. JS accepted and we had a deal. The experience was intense, but in the end, he came out as a supportive, professional and flexible ally. My music style changed, my projects changed, but JS continued to have an amazing understanding of my creative ideas. Then I was gifted by SIAE a recording kit and, since "Confidence", we started to collaborate only for mix and mastering on a fixated price: it allowed me to build a professional release-strategy to grow my fan-base even when my earnings were very low.


I enrolled when I was 13 years old in order to protect the creative rights of my first official song called "My Life Was A Dead Star". I've been sending documents about my songs to them since then. 7 years later, one day, I decided that I needed a professional update but I was a student and I didn't have the money to invest in a professional recording set. The following morning I woke up unusually early to an e-mail from SIAE: I was one of the first users choosing a professional gift to help their associates during the national lockdown for Covid-19. Since it was so early, everything was available, so I had the time to choose well. I chose the recording set I used to record many of my songs from home, and it allowed me to save thousands of euros over the following years.


I looked for a manager for a long amount of time. I was a student, always doing other things, growing up, and it never felt the right moment to find the right person for this role. After graduating from my university, I was finally able to do my job on a full-time basis. I built a strategy, I collected my ideas, and I started to earn from part-time activities in order to promote my songs. It was December 13th, 2021 when I decided that Elvira Martínez Franco was the perfect choice. She was available, professional and kind. I remember that I was a little anxious about this collaboration because I reviewed other 31 candidates for three days: not all of them even read the description of my announce, but those who did were all like-minded, professional people. I met some amazing colleagues to work with for other projects, but none of them was as much available, like-minded and outgoing as Elvira. I was worried that she didn't believe in me, and she didn't know, but she answered to my e-mail saying that she was really happy to be part of my personal project and telling me that we could do big things together. In that moment I was sure: "it's her, she is my personal manager". We worked for one year with no results, it was hard but we didn't give up. We tried endless different strategies and experiments but earning online took time. This is why after about 7 months we built ourselves a little stable income independently and once I had it I also needed some daily assistance help, so we helped each other, we grew professionally and personally, and things started to work out. After 10 months in total, I had worked independently from our collaboration for 14 hours a day for 2 months in order to understand how to build a stable good income for myself. I needed it to cover expenses, mainly business expenses, and for the future. I invested about 50-60% of the money in my strategy and I succeded. Therefore, I was able to level up my investments and I needed more assitance. She became my full time trusted Personal Manager and Assistant and finally reaching this level in the collaboration positively empowered both of us.


It was unfortunately easy to encounter scams in this field! It demotivated me a lot even though I needed to find someone I could trust to promote my content, especially my music videos and my YouTube series! When I first worked with Pavan Arora, I was trying different services from Fiverr's freelancers. He worked on my "Confidence" music video. While some scammers provided me with "fake promotion" in the form of "targeted followers or views" that obviously "dropped" in two days or showed as blacklinks in my analytics... Pavan Arora's ads were legit, efficient and honest at a reasonable price. When I was finally able to do my job full time, I needed a promoter that I could trust on a schedule. I read his reviews on Fiverr, I went back to my analytics from "Confidence" from 2 years before, and I noticed that it always continued to grow, so his service worked perfectly well for my needs. He is professional, smart and kind.

CD Baby

They've been "helping artists make money since 1998", the same year I was born! Some people say that CD Baby takes a high percentage from your sync royalties, but then they suggest a music distributor which takes a high monthly or yearly fee: starting as a young girl with no salary, if it weren't for CD Baby's "pay just to publish" policy... I would have never started releasing my songs and finding my way to reach my international goals in time and fulfil my dreams. They deserve the money they collect from sync: without their social meida music ID services, I could have never possibly find and collected revenue from every YouTube video which is using my songs! This allowed my to earn a revenue from YouTube even before being fully monetised. I was officially verified on Spotify, on Google and I had my lyrics published on a verified MusixMatch profile with no minimum requirements. They really support independent artists and I am genuinely happy to collaborate with them.


When I decided to start and continue my project for 13luewolf Channel and the 13luewolf blog, I had finally found the way to earn a minimum stable income, working with my 3 main jobs and 2 side jobs. I was working about 13 hours a day for the summer, and I started thinking about the investments I could make with half of the income in order to save the rest for needs. I started promoting organically my social media platforms but not only for my music videos, also for the other things. Music video promotion can be very expensive and specific, the entertainment "niche" is not easy to promote like education or information. This is why I started 13luewolf Channel and I looked for a type of promotion that was real and organic but also counted for monetisation, otherwise I could not make my money back! I ordered a trial service with two different promoters, and Samina was the best one for my needs. Her job is always amazing. She is quick, professional and available.


They've been helping creators to sell their projects and designs since 2012, the same year I recorded my first song! In 2021 I founded my shop https://a13lgabriellederosa.it using their print-on-demand and e-commerce services: I was able to choose from a variety of eco-sustainable ideas, their products are long lasting and they eliminated double packaging, massively contributing to the reduction of packaging materials waste in the world. They are sustainable from an environmental and an economical point of view: I was able to sell my digital products safely, with a high margin of earning which made economic and eco-sustainability happen both for me and for my audience! It allowed me to earn more with a low price on every digital item, selling my project "The 13 Cycle", my self-portraits prints, and various collection of 100% cotton clothes with my logos and my designs. They always come up with new ideas, partnerships and tips for their creators who are already 8'000'000 in 2021, December.