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  • What you will receive: a 10% commission for your sales, 5% on the sales made by the people
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  • Share 1 reel using my latest song as the
    background music in respect of Instagram community guidelines. Make it clear that it is my song! The video should be nice and original: do not pretend to be me.
  • How to edit: open the "reel editor" on Instagram and select my latest song directly in the Instagram music library, respect copyright.
  • I will only share the reels I like and shout out your profile in my story, but there is no guarantee your reel will be selected. Check my art challenge if you are an artist. Check the previous opportunity if you want to earn and have a free VIP access to all my paid events.

    Always include the hashtag #Gabrielle DeRosa and #GDRFandom + tag "gdrbluewolf" in the reel or we won't see it.