Uplifting and Funny TV Series | 2021 Top 10 by Gabrielle DeRosa

Uplifting and Funny TV Series | 2021 Top 10 by Gabrielle DeRosa

When I was a little girl, I always enjoyed watching my favorite cartoons or movies and tv series: I found it uplifting and I still do! When I had a hard time in life, being able to travel with my imagination into all those stories and learn new things for my own life always made me smile and hope, even when I felt lonely. If it worked for me, it could work for someone else too, especially now that we need it.

Today, I want to share a top 10 of the most uplifting tv series I've been watching recently, because what you focus on grows, and it's good for your health to feel good and have a good laugh or dream a little bigger!

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1. The Flash 

Funny and Uplifting: romance, hope and adventure

“Sometimes great possibilities are right in front of us but we don't see them because we choose not to. I think that we need to be open to exploring something new.”
― Barry Allen "The Flash"

2. Supergirl

Funny and Uplifting: strength, hope and adventure

"Now, in each and every one of you, there is a light, a spirit that cannot be snuffed out. That won't give up. I need your help again. I need you to hope. Hope that you will remember that you can all be heroes. Hope that when faced with an enemy determined to destroy your spirit, you will fight back and thrive. Hope that those who once may have shunned you will, in a moment of crisis, come to your aid. Hope that you will see again the faces of those you love. And perhaps even those you've lost.” – Kara Denvers / Kara Zor El "Supergirl"

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3. Reign

Mainly uplifting: romance, mysteries, strength, hope

"It's terrible. Especially if we think we can save each other. We can't. We can only love each other." 
"I am Mary Queen of Scots, and I have come for my throne."
 ― Mary

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4. Victoria

Mainly uplifting: strength, harmony, beauty

"The public are won over by resolve. If you believe in something firmly enough, they will too."
― Victoria

"Men only call women mad when they are doing something inconvenient."
― Victoria

"What of worth has ever been achieved which did not inspire fear?"
― Albert

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5. Anne with an E

Funny and Uplifting: beauty, childhood, home, hope, friendship, love

"In my maturity, I've come to the happy, evolutionary opinion that I'm unusual, and I embrace it."
"I'm loved now, but when I wasn't, it didn't mean I wasn't worthy of it."
― Anne

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6. Bewitched

Very Funny: everyday life, home, magic, happy marriage, love, laughs

Samantha: Darrin, have you been drinking?

: Your mother was right!

: You have been drinking!”

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7. Merlin

Very Funny and Uplifting: many funny moments, magic, adventures, romance, hope

“There is no evil in sorcery, only in the hearts of men. My request is that you remember this”
"Search your heart, he knows who he loves"
 “The people believe in you Arthur, but it counts for nothing if you don’t believe in yourself”

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8. Leonardo

Mainly Uplifting: art, beauty, Renaissance, genius, biography

"Soltanto l'arte sa prendere la pena e la sofferenza della vita e trasformarla in bellezza."
(Only art can take the pain and the sorrow of life and turn it into beauty)
― Leonardo

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9. The Addams Family

Mainly Funny: everyday life, gothic, family, funny events, lots of laughter

"What is normal... there is no such thing"

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10. Will & Grace

Very Funny: friendship, love, home, everyday life, lots of laughter

Grace on her assistant's work ethic: "If you're looking for your Aunt Karen, she's not here. She doesn't work on days that end with ... 'day.' "

Grace on friendship: “Will, my love for you is like this scar … ugly, but permanent.”

Grace, accusing Will of being attracted to her: "I see the way you look at me when I shave my legs." 

Will: "Well, that's because it happens so infrequently, I have to take a minute to figure out what you're doing."

The End

Right now, these are my favorite uplifting tv series.
I hope you will enjoy at least one of them! And always remember that...
Art Becomes Life 

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