S01E03 My Income Doubled - Part 2

S01E03 My Income Doubled - Part 2

Hello everybody!

For those of you who don't know me, I am Gabrielle DeRosa, a singer-songwriter from Italy and other things that you will discover if you watch my series the 13luewolf blog.

I manifested my income from my part time job to double TWICE in a week, and instead of two part time jobs now I have three of them (coming soon in episode 4) 

You can read/watch part 1 here: 

The following day...

"When nothing works, look inside!"
Gabrielle DeRosa

This is my best tip for you!

I looked inside myself and I realised that my self concept related to money was awful. So I stopped being a people pleaser and I affirmed my self concept for about two hours as the one of a person who is already successful, respectful and rich: these last two are not connected in my opinion, but for the people around me, at the time, they were. 

That night I manifested my income from part time activities to be 5.5 times bigger. I decided to stop caring about what other people thought about my ability of earning (or not earning) money, and I decided "this is my life, it depends on me".

I motivated myself even if I was alone in this, and it made the difference.

In this video you can watch Part 2:

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Gabrielle DeRosa

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S01E03 My Income Doubled - Part 2

I will tell you how I manifested money in one week with the law of assumption and how I changed my self concept to the a successful self concept. Change your self concept fast. When nothing works, look inside!

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