1 money manifestation process, stop people pleasing, put it off the pedestal (success story)

Yesterday it was a rough day at my second part-time job. I realised a little bit too late that I had a negative mindset about different aspects of it for long enough to pay the consequences. It helped me turn the page (finally) and stop my people pleasing habit. All is one, as always, because today I got the smartphone I was waiting for in order to start this project (the old one was broken and could not be fixed well, the new one was late, 13+ days late). This morning, it was on time.

I put everyone around me and everything around me down the pedestal I had built and raised for many years.

^ This allowed me to be a lot more confident and detached from the outcome. I completely ignored all the negative complaints I had just to please the people around me in small talk, I changed the small talk, and I started to put myself first in a practical way in the situations at this job as my colleague said, we teamed up and worked more independently and with some healthy needed boundaries.

As a result, the pedestal was destroyed, I understood that manifesting money or sales is extremely easy if you don’t care too much about it, and I wasn’t bored anymore because every client bought from the shop, and in the end of the day, I even realised our sales were perfectly average if not better than other days. I met kinder people, and I worked happily even if it wasn’t my dream job. I detached from my dream job too, and I found it easy to create this opportunity.

This is the power of understanding what is the pedestal, and detaching from the situation, caring less, and having a good mindset about it. I’m not saying I wasn’t hurt, I was, but I got up, and now I know if I can attract more money for a shop I can do the same for me.

Gabrielle DeRosa

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