Tanu Narang

About me
Creative Doodling is a term I came up with to describe the art of using repeat patterns (doodles) to decorate a picture or pattern. There are many other terms to describe the same or similar activities such as Line Weaving, Repeat Pattern
Art,Doodle Art, Neo Pop Realism and Zentangles. After learning this new art form I have come up with “Caricature Doodle , Mind Doodle and Lettering Doodles.”. This art is also used as a “Happiness Therapy” for those who need “Counselling.” Teaching
Virtually has shifted our concerns towards more interactive Flipped classrooms. Thus, Doodle Art helps me in making the teaching-learning process more colourful & child centred . It aids concentration and memory.
As a Social Science Teacher this
pandemic has given me a way to reach beyond teaching and work as a Doodle Artist. I have started my FB and INSTAGRAM page to impart a free learning platform to the students,adults,parents or anyone who would love to join & has a spark of getting acquainted to new art forms.
I must quote, “A doodle... is a fun, quick idea. Doodle doesn't have to be a drawing, it doesn't have to be just an image. It could just be a noise...It’s just playing around with something. You need to say, 'This is a period of time in which I am going to try and make something.
FB-​https://m.facebook.com/artsagabytanulamba/ Instagram-​https://instagram.com/artsaga_by_tanu?igshid

Philosophy of my Art Work
My healing philosophy is rooted in my philosophy of life, which can be distilled to the simple precepts of interconnectedness and art forms.
Art therapy improves the mental health of people who are dealing with addictions, anxiety, attention disorders, grief and loss, dementia, depression, eating disorders, physical illness, trauma, relationship issues and much more. It can help to boost confidence and make us feel more engaged and resilient. Besides these benefits, art engagement also alleviates anxiety, depression and stress. So, I always insist in adopting Art as a Therapy and a Meditative Treatment.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

Art therapy is a broad term used to refer to the practice of creating as a way to heal wounds of the mind or spirit. Therefore, I as a facilitator and art therapist generally relaxes my mind , body and soul through the following art activities-
Draw or paint your emotions.
Create an emotion wheel or grid
Make a meditative painting
Put together a journal.
Explore doodle therapy.
Use line art.
Design a postcard you will never send.
Create a ZenDoodle or Zentangle Art. Etc..
Putting together art and your emotions will help you winning the battle