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Gabrielle De Rosa

Professional Independent Singer-Songwriter since 2012 (13 y.o.; SIAE)
Artist Name: Gabrielle DeRosa on Spotify and any other streaming platform
Professional Rights Organisation: SIAE since 2013; Music Distributor: CD Baby since 2017
Secondary projects: Gabrielle DR Queen, Focus Music by Gabrielle De Rosa
Environmental Science graduate (L-32 2021, LM-75 in progress)
In Italy (native country): "Dott.ssa in Scienze e Tecnologie per l'Ambiente dal 2021, specializzanda in Scienze Ambientali - curriculum su monitoraggio e valutazione d'impatto ambientale" --> Environmental Science and Technology graduate since 2021, master in Environmental Science - curriculum on environmental monitoring and impact evaluation
Digital Entrepreneur since 2015
when I founded the first version of this website "gabriellederosa.it" and I started learning and experimenting with social media to promote my own music.
Instructor of English (C1/C2) and Italian (native) as Foreign Languages since 2021
I collaborated with different companies and tutored 40+ students from many different countries who spoke as their first or second language: Italian, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Romanian, Greek, Japanese, Filipino. I worked with students of any starting level and age, from 6 to 50 years old.

My Original Songs

50 official songs at 25 years old!
50 canzoni ufficiali a 25 anni

  • Codes, archive, full official list: copy-paste this link to the PRO archive and filter your search for "Nominativo" "Gabrielle De Rosa", you will see a list of my full repertoire, always updated, with codes which are professionally and legally valid on a global level demonstrating I am the author and composer of my songs. https://servizionline.siae.it/it/archivioOpere/


  • Dott.ssa Gabrielle De Rosa

  • Scienze Ambientali (Environ. Sci.)

  • Specializzazione LM-75 (Master's Degree, native country: Italy)

  • Laurea L-32, 2021 (Bachelor's Degree, native country: Italy)

  • Maturità Scientifica Tradizionale (Italian Traditional Sci. High School)


  • Eng - Short Biography

  • Gabrielle De Rosa (artist name: Gabrielle DeRosa; June 14, 1998) is an Italian entrepreneur: Professional Independent Singer-Songwriter, Digital Creator, Dott.ssa in Environmental Science and Technology.

  • In the first 25 years of her life, Gabrielle De Rosa wrote and composed 56 official works: 49 already regularly registered at the Performing Rights Organisation SIAE since 2012, 56 counting her 7 upcoming works for “The Story S2”, coming soon in 2024. Among the titles: “E3 The Sea”, “Who Am I?”, "Everything I Know", "Confidence", "We Believe", "In Every Sign" and many more.

  • She invented her first original poem at 3 years old and she composed her first official song at the age of 13. She performed her songs live at national, local and international festivals, events and awards, including (but not only) Tour Music Fest in 2012 and Premio De André in 2018. In 2017, she started distributing her original compositions online as an independent artist with CD Baby. Her debut album "We Believe" was released on May 10th, 2018 as an independent production.

  • Her native language is Italian, but she learnt English as a foreign language well enough to work at an international level and help others do the same. She is the creator and editor of her own official website "gabriellederosa.it" since 2015, now founder of several entrepreneurial projects such as “The 13 Cycle” (2020), “13luewolf Channel” (2022) and “HOME S.O. by Gabrielle DeRosa” (2023), at originalmusicentrepreneurs.com, a project in which she defines other artists like herself as “original music entrepreneurs'', created to help them succeed online.

  • She regularly creates and releases new songs and original ideas in her fields of expertise, working both online and offline via distribution on official music platforms, concerts and events, her project websites and the promotion of her original works and projects through trending content on social pages.

  • Ita - Breve Biografia

  • Gabrielle De Rosa (nome d'arte: Gabrielle DeRosa; 14 giugno 1998) è un'imprenditrice italiana: Cantautrice Professionista Indipendente, Digital Creator, Dott.ssa in Scienze e Tecnologie per l’Ambiente.

  • Nei primi 25 anni della sua vita, Gabrielle De Rosa ha scritto e composto 56 opere ufficiali: 49 già regolarmente registrate presso la Performing Rights Organisation SIAE dal 2012, 56 con le sue prossime 7 canzoni per “The Story S2”, in arrivo nel 2024. Tra i titoli: “E3 The Sea”, “Who Am I?”, “Everything I Know”, "Confidence", "We Believe", "In Every Sign" e molti altri. Ha inventato la sua prima poesia originale a 3 anni e ha composto la sua prima canzone ufficiale a 13 anni. Ha eseguito le sue canzoni dal vivo presso festival, eventi e premi nazionali, locali e internazionali, tra cui (ma non solo) Tour Music Fest nel 2012 e Premio De André nel 2018.

  • Nel 2017 ha iniziato a distribuire le sue composizioni originali online come artista indipendente con CD Baby. Il suo album d’esordio "We Believe" è stato pubblicato il 10 maggio 2018 come produzione indipendente.

  • La sua lingua madre è l'italiano, ma ha imparato l'inglese come lingua straniera abbastanza bene da poter lavorare a livello globale ed aiutare gli altri a fare lo stesso. Dal 2015 è creator e editor del proprio sito web ufficiale “gabriellederosa.it”, oggi fondatrice di diversi progetti imprenditoriali come “The 13 Cycle” (2020), “13luewolf Channel” (2022) e “HOME S.O. by Gabrielle DeRosa” (2023), presso originalmusicentrepreneurs.com, un progetto in cui definisce gli altri artisti come lei “original music entrepreneurs” (dall’inglese “imprenditori di musica originale”), creato per aiutarli ad avere successo online.

  • Continua a creare e pubblicare regolarmente nuove canzoni e idee originali nei suoi campi di competenza, lavorando sia online che offline tramite la distribuzione sulle piattaforme musicali ufficiali, concerti ed eventi, i siti Web dei suoi progetti e la promozione delle sue opere originali e dei suoi progetti tramite contenuti di tendenza su pagine social.


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  • My business emails end with my domain, like this: "@gabriellederosa.it". If you are in doubt, reach out to me at management@gabriellederosa.it for verification.


  • Gabrielle DeRosa

  • Original Songs written and composed by myself as a professional independent singer songwriter and original music entrepreneur

  • 2012 (13 y.o.) -

  • The 13 Cycle

  • Sustainable fashion is style, sometimes you can save the planet from your wardrobe while also wearing the best colours for you

  • 2021

  • HOME S.O. by Gabrielle DeRosa

  • Helping Original Music Entrepreneurs Succeed Online

  • 2023

  • Gabrielle DR Queen

  • Original Positive Chants written and composed by myself

  • 2024 -

  • Ambiente Gallipoli

  • Scientific trivia and tourism in my hometown Gallipoli, Italy

  • 2024 -

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